• Foodservice Information

    Thank you for visiting the Hillsdale Community Schools' Foodservice page.  
    If you have questions, please contact 
    Laura Call at 689-1342 from 7:00am - 4:00pm. 
    Meals FREE to all students
    The Foodservice Department serves breakfast and lunch at all Hillsdale Schools.  We also provide meals for Greenfield School.
    Hillsdale Community Schools' Foods Service Department is managed by Chartwells Dining Services, a division of Compass Group.
    To reach the Foodservice staff, please call the following numbers:
    HHS 689-1391 Dawn Roback, Head Cook
    Davis 689-1343 Kim Marquart, Head Cook
    Gier 437-7347  ext. 3 Annett Lambright, Head Cook
    Bailey 689-1391 Debra Miller, Head Cook
    The food service staff can provide you with up-to-the-minute information for your child's lunch account. 
    If your child has an allergy that the school staff needs to be aware of, a parent or guardian of the child must have the form shown here, completed by a licensed medical professional.   If you desire a conference to discuss your child's food allergy, please contact Laura Call at 689-1342.