Hillsdale High School - Davis Middle School

Hillsdale High School BPA Regional Results 2013


·         Andrew Bixler-Smith ‘14 – Entrepreneurship (state qualifier)

·         Courtney Roden ‘14 – Graphic Design Promotion (state qualifier)

·         Leslie Osborn ’14, Jessica Ryan ’13, Bryana Schaffer ’13, Jared Stoll ’15 – Broadcast News Production Team (state qualifiers)

2nd Place

·         Bailey Boyd ’14 – Desktop Publishing (state qualifier)

·         Branden Bisher ’14 – Digital Media Production (state qualifier)

·         Jacob Parker ’13 – Entrepreneurship (state qualifier)

·         Jacob Parker ’13 – Graphic Design Promotion (state qualifier)

·         Zachary Hardway ‘14, Trevor Clevenger ‘15, Ryan Bailey ‘15, Jason Kimball 14 – Video Production Team (state qualifiers)

3rd Place

·         Jon Hurd ’13 – Digital Media Production (state qualifier)

·         Clara Wilcox ’15 – Prepared Speech (state qualifier)

·         Courtney Roden ’14 – Interview Skills (state qualifier)

·         Branden Bisher ‘14, Clara Wilcox ‘15, Cameron Loomis ‘13, Andrew Bixler-Smith ’14 – Small Business Management Team

4th Place

·         Darian Allwardt ’14 – Fundamental Word Processing (state qualifier)

·         Zachary Hardway ’14 – Digital Media Production (state qualifier)         

·         Bailey Boyd ‘14, Emily Palmer ‘15, Marshal Hammel ‘14, & Chris Wood ‘14 – Presentation Management Team

                6th Place

·         Austin Hawkins ’15 – Keyboarding Production (state qualifier)

                7th Place

·         Leslie Osborn ’14 – Fundamental Word Processing

·         Jon Hurd ’13 – Graphic Design Promotion

8th Place

·         Katie Wiley ’15 – Presentation Management Individual

9th Place

·         Ivy Lewis ’14 - Presentation Management Individual

10th Place

·         Phillip Rumler ’14 – Desktop Publishing

11th Place

·         Darian Allwardt ’14 - Fundamental Accounting



Hillsdale High School, Hillsdale, Michigan

Mindy Boyd & Jenny Duff, HHS Teachers


            On Friday, January 4, 2013, 31 members of the Hillsdale High School Business Professionals of America team traveled to Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn to participate in the Regional Leadership Conference and Competition.  The Hornets are coached by Mindy Boyd and Jenny Duff, Hillsdale High School Teachers. There were 26 schools and over 600 students at the competition hoping to earn a chance to compete at the state finals this coming March. The top six individuals from each event and the top two teams from each team event qualified for state.

            Sixteen Hillsdale Hornets have earned the opportunity to compete in the BPA State Leadership Conference and Competition on March 21-24, 2013, at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids.  The Hornet team had two individual champions and one team champion.  Andrew Bixler-Smith ’14 was the Regional Champion for Entrepreneurship.  Andrew created a business plan called Bix Total Property Management.  The judges said they loved his plan and presentation because he could open his business today.  Courtney Roden ’14 was also crowned Regional Champion in the Graphic Design competition.  She had to create a logo and a poster for an event in Indianapolis.  The judges said that she had a great theme and design concept and that her design was technically excellent!

            Leslie Osborn ’14, Jessica Ryan ’13, Bryana Schaffer ’13 and Jared Stoll ’15 were also crowned Regional Champions in the brand new contest called Broadcast News Production Team.  They had to create a five minute video as if they were on the six o’clock news.  Leslie and Bryana were the Anchorwomen in the video and Jessica and Jared were the field reporters.

            Bailey Boyd ’14 placed second in Desktop Publishing.  He had to create three documents including a flyer, a calendar and an invitation for a business. Senior Jacob Parker placed second in both of his events—Graphic Design Promotion and Entrepreneurship. Jacob worked extremely hard on his events and the judges loved his business plan. Branden Bisher ’14 also placed second in Digital Media Production.  Branden created a two-minute video and PowerPoint to promote an event. Zachary Hardway ‘14, Trevor Clevenger ‘15, Ryan Bailey ‘15, and Jason Kimball ’14 placed second in the Video Production Team contest. They created a five minute video entitled, “Flip the X in Rx—The Dangers of Prescription Drugs.”
            Placing third was Clara Wilcox ’15 in Prepared Speech. She talked about Entrepreneurship and the Study Cup that she and her classmates built and run at Hillsdale High School.  One of the judges commented, “You had great eye contact and confidence . . . I want a coffee shop in my school!”  Also placing third was Courtney Roden ’14 in Interview Skills.  Courtney had to create a cover letter and resume and fill out a job application and then go through a professional interview.  Senior Jon Hurd placed 3rd in Digital Media Production.  He created a two minute video using Adobe Flash CS6.

            The competitions lasted all day and after the awards ceremony the Hornet team ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in Dearborn. “I’m extremely proud of our students,” said Boyd, “we’ve come a long way in five years!”