• Classroom Rules and Procedures

    Mrs. Gudakunst

    1)      Upon entering the classroom, quietly take your assigned seat and copy the agenda from the board.

    2)      Bring all necessary materials to class daily (science book, paper, pencil/pen, folder, agenda etc…)

    3)      Listen carefully when instructions are given.

    4)      Assigned work is to be turned in on the due date at the beginning of your class period. (see student handbook for absent work guidelines).

    5)      If you are absent, it is your responsibility to come to me for your missed assignments on the day you return to school.

    6)      No name work will be posted on the “No Name” board to be claimed by its owner, for full credit.

    7)      All classwork/homework assignments are to be handwritten, not typed, unless otherwise instructed.

    8)      Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself; treat others with respect.

    9)      Running and/or horseplay is unacceptable in the classroom.

    10)  Do not touch laboratory materials until instructions have been given.

    11)  Tasting or sniffing chemicals or other materials is not allowed and can be dangerous.

    12)  Wash your hands after every lab experiment.
    13) Food and drink are for the cafeteria, not the science classroom.