• Grading will be weighted

             80%  Tests

             20%  Dailywork/Homework


    Dailywork grading will be on a 10 point scale, if the assignment scores below a 6 out of 10 the student will need to correct the problems missed and re-submit for a grade(max of 6 pts).  

    If the student fails to complete an assigment they do have the opportunity to complete it and turn it in late.  The max grade for a late/incomplete paper is (6pts.).

    Absent students are still required to complete the assigned work for that day.  They will be given additional time to complete the work.



    Grading Scale:

    A   93-100                       C+   77-79                 D-  60-62

    A-  90-92                         C     73-76                 E    0-59

    B+  87-89                        C-    70-72

    B    83-86                        D+    67-69

    B-   80-82                        D      63-66