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    Monday- Thursday


    No homework on Fridays



    In the right-hand column, I have included some helpful hints.

    Please spend fifteen to twenty minutes reading with your child.   Do not forget to review the reading strategies on the hand in your child's book baggie.  It is important that your child uses multiple strategies when he/she comes to unfamiliar text.  Please encourage the use of these strategies.  It will allow your child to become a confident, independent reader.  I have also included a list of strategies for comprehension.  It is so important to have discussion during and after reading.



    No homework on Fridays or days we have assessments in class.  I will let the children know when it is an assessment day.


    Extra concepts that can be practiced and reveiwed are in the right-hand column.  These are suggestions for reinforcing math concepts that will build a strong foundation in the area of math.

    Practice addition/subtraction facts through 20.  Instant recall is the goal.

    Tell time on an analog clock to the hour and half hour. Later in the year to the five-minute mark.

    Identify coins and their value including quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

    Solve simple addition and subtraction story problems.

    Identify numbers 1-500.



    When you are reading with your child, please take the opportunity to draw on your child's background knowledge, so that he/she can make predictions as he/she reads through a book.  It is also very important to help your child identify connections to the text.  This will improve your child's ability to comprehend what he/she reads.