• MATH is what counts!

    Algebra 1

    Algebra I -  is intended to build a foundation for all higher math classes. This

    course will review algebraic expressions, integers, and mathematical properties

    that will lead into working with variables and linear equations. There will be an

    in-depth study of graphing, polynomials, quadratic equations, data analysis and

    systems of equations through direct class instruction, group work, homework,

    student projects and technology.

     Course Status- Required

    Credit- 2 Math Credits

    Prerequisites- NA

    Learning Objectives: Algebra 1 has been aligned to the Common Core State Standards.


    Grading Criteria-  The marking period grade is made up of homework at 25%, class work and quizzes at 25%,  and tests at most 50%. Grades will be kept up to date on Power School.

    RECOMMENDED SUPPLIES- Scientific calculator TI30XIIS or TI 84+, spiral notebook 100+pages, 3 ring binder, pencils
    MAKE-UP WORK-Students are responsible for obtaining and completing make-up work.  See Student Handbook for guidelines. 

    Communication between parents and teacher is crucial to the success of the students. I will be sending progress reports home weekly. If you have questions or concerns please feel to contact me through email or phone.

    EXTRA HELP-I welcome and encourage any student to attend help sessions to gain a better understanding of Algebra.  Help can be scheduled before school, during lunch and after school.