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Emergency Bus Schedule

Please review this schedule and refer to when weather or an emergency may cause school hours and bus route service to be changed.  Do not call radio, television stations, or schools.

Listen to Radio/Television Messages 

  •  No Announcement – School is on regular schedule with normal bus service.
  •  Limited Bus Transportation – Alone or in conjunction with other messages, means that students in specific areas that are impassable during inclement weather, or other emergency, will be picked up and dropped off at assigned emergency locations.
  •  School Closed – All schools closed for one day. 
  •  School Open-2 Hour Delay – School will begin 2 hours later than the usual time.  Dismissal will be at the regular time. Busses will arrive at normal bus stop approx. two hours later than normal pickup time.
  •  School Will Dismiss Early – This message is for snow or other conditions which may develop during the school day requiring early dismissal.  This announcement will state if regular or limited stops are to be used.

The following radio and television stations announce school information:

*WCSR   FM 92.1 & AM 1340 - This is our first telephone call.
*WBZW  102.5 FM
*WNWN  FM 98.5
*WILX – Channel 10 Television
*Fox 47 Television

Develop an Emergency Plan to Cover Various Situations:

1.   Do your children know who would care for them until you arrive?
2.   Where would they go if they needed help?
3.   Is there someone your children should call to allay fears?
4.   Encourage your children to remain calm and know that the driver will put the passenger’s safety above all else.