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School Bus Danger Zone

Parents, please share the following danger zone information with your children. Please be sure they know the safeguards for walking near a bus - to and from school and/or the bus stop and why these safe guards are important.


The Danger Zone is the space all around your school bus. It extends out 10ft-12ft. The school bus driver may not be able to see you in this zone. Please keep in mind the driver cannot see you around the wheels either. It is very dangerous to be in this area, please review the diagram for details.

Your must be very careful whenever you get on or off the bus. If something drops under the bus, leave it there. Let your school bus driver or any other adult get it for you. 
Never cross behind the bus!!!!

Getting on the Bus:
You must arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to scheduled arrival time and observe a few general safety practices to prevent anyone being hurt.

While waiting to get on the bus:
Stand in a place that is safe.
Behave in a quiet and orderly manner. Playing (or roughhousing) around the bus stop could cause someone to be hurt.

While boarding the bus:
Get on the bus in a single file, no pushing or shoving.
Be polite.
Use the handrails.

Getting off the bus:
Get off the bus in single file, no pushing or shoving.

If you have to cross the road, walk to the front of the bus and remember these four steps:
              Look at the driver. You should always see the driver.
              Make sure the driver sees you.
              Wait for the driver to signal you when it is safe to cross.
              To be sure it is safe...look left, right, and then left again before crossing.

Please, NEVER cross behind the bus!!!