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Board of Education Members

Hillsdale Community Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS FOR 2021

Nicole Hoffman


Mrs. Nicole Hoffman - President                               

Elected:  11/2020    Term Expires:   12/2026



Kathy Petersen


Mrs. Kathy Petersen - Vice President                         

Elected:  11/2020    Term Expires:  12/2026



Rebecca Portteus


Mrs. Rebecca Portteus - Treasurer                                   

Elected:  11/2020    Term Expires:  12/2026



Leslie Bennett-Granata


Mrs. Leslie Bennett - Granata - Secretary                               

Elected:  11/2018    Term Expires:  12/2024



Eric Moore


Mr. Eric Moore - Trustee                                     

Elected:  11/2020    Term Expires:  12/2024



Dan LaRue


Mr. Dan LaRue - Trustee

Elected: 11/2022   Term Expires: 12/2028



Pat Flannery


Mr. Patrick Flannery - Trustee

Elected: 11/2022  Term Expires: 12/2028

School Board Elections are held on even years in November with positions beginning in January. 

Superintendent's Office Phone number: (517) 437-4401