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Mr. Leslie Traxler

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Phone number: 517-439-4326 ext. 1337
Education: Evangel University- undergraduate
Spring Arbor University- graduate
This is my 22nd year at Hillsdale Community Schools. I have taught here my entire career and enjoy helping students to become their very best. I look forward to working with you and your child.  
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Dear parents and students,

I hope you are doing well.  My family and I are fine, and we do miss our school family.  In addition to the school links for math reviews I put on Classroom Google last week, (class code is x2z5kt3), this week will cover more curriculum areas.  Our official spring break is the week of March 30, so look for an updated post on April 7th.  Please contact me by email if you have any questions.


Mr. Traxler


Reading- We have access to where students can read books on line.  Please email me and I will send you your access code and pin.  Please have your child read weekly for 20 minutes.

Writing- After reading is finished, have your child write a 7-10 sentence summary of what they read. Afterwards, have them write a prediction of what they think will happen next.  Furthermore, remind them to be aware of proper spelling and punctuation while writing.

Math- In math, we were multiplying fractions.  Have your child find a recipe you make, and then multiply the fractional parts by 3.  Here is a math multiplying fractions song that also includes the area models we have created in class.

Science- We were learning about what plants use for food and conducting experiments to test our hypothesis.  To start with, if you have any plants in your home, have your child begin to take care of them for you. Here is a link to watch for proper plant care.

Social Studies- The class just began our unit of government, and we completed lesson one.  The learned about the constitution and the Preamble.  Here is the video link to the Preamble that we watched,  Our next lesson is how a bill becomes a law, and this can be explored by using the website