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ASSESSMENT of a student's level of mastery is determined through multiple measurements.  This approach ensures an accurate and complete assessment of each student.   The district utilized a balanced system with the following assessment types: 

DIAGNOSTIC - Used to measure a student's knowlde and skills before instruction begins. Examples: universal screeners, MLPP, DRA2, chapter pretests

FORMATIVE - Used to adjust instruction during a lesson based on student progression toward learning targets. Examples: question/answer session, ungraded quiz, teacher observation, running record (for reading) 

INTERIM/BENCHMARK - Used to measure progress toward academic goals and standards within a grade level or course. Examples: assignments, projects, quizes, tests

SUMMATIVE - Used to measure an individiual student's mastery of standards and drive local district deciion making with aggregate data. Examples: final exams, SAT, ACT, PSAT, M-Step

Report Cards are created and distributed to parents on a quartely schedule.  Multiple forms of assessment are used to determine the progress shown on the report card. 

A standard grading scale exists across the district when percentages are used to create a letter grade.

     93-100 = A             87-89   = B+         77-79   = C+          67-69   = D+        59 and below =F 

     90-92   = A-            82-86   = B           73-76   = C            63-66   = D

                                   80-82   = B-          70-72   = C-           60-62   = D-

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) provides information on the components of the statewide testing program.  Links to commonly sought information are listed below to help in your understanding of these assessments (all links will open in a new window).


How to Read Your Child’s Score Report for Grades 3-8 (PDF)
How to Read Your Child’s Score Report for Grade 11 (PDF)
M-STEP/MME Parent Report (YouTube)
M-STEP: What it is, What it means – and What it Offers Presentation (PDF)
M-STEP: What it is, What it means – and What it Offers, available in multiple languages 
What can students expect? (YouTube)
Online Practice for M-STEP ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies – (Available at selected times during the year)

MI-Access: Michigan's Alternate Assessment

What it is, What it Means – And What it Offers (PDF)

If you are interested in learning more about the historical performance of the Hillsdale Community Schools on State assessments, please visit the website: