Update 8.25.2020

Tuesday Update for 8-25-2020

 Creating Family Response Plans

The school district has developed several new processes and procedures in order to provide in-person learning for students this fall.  These include hand sanitizer stations at all classrooms and throughout the building, protocols for wearing facemasks, reducing the number of students in each classroom to create social distancing and tiered bus routes to carry half of the students at a time.   These measures are for the safety of our students and staff.   But we cannot return to school and keep coming to school with just these measures.  We need the help and cooperation of each family.   When a child (student) is sick, please keep them home from school.  This includes all fevers of 100.4 and above.  When a teacher or any staff member is sick, they will be expected to do the same.   

 Creating a Family Response Plan is an important measure that can help deal with the early morning situations as well as those which occur during the day.  Sometimes sending a student to school with fever or symptoms of illness was done in the past, but this is not the time for such measures. Below are few things for families to consider:

  • What is the plan when our child is sick and cannot go to school?

  • What happens when our child has a fever/symptoms at the bus stop check?

  • What happens when our child has a fever/symptoms at the parent drop-off check?

  • What is the plan when our child gets sick at school and has to get picked up during the day?

Student Registration: Thank you to all of the families who completed the registration card form.  The student registration process is being completed online this year.  The form is up and running on the website’s main page.  There is a pencil icon with the word “Registration” underneath.  Within this form you can register your child for either the online program at home or the in-person option at school.   Staff members at each school are working to make contact with families whose children are not yet enrolled for school this fall.  They are making personal phone calls to these homes to help complete this process.   While it's not too late, time is of the essence.  Things are different to start this school year and more time is needed to work on the procedures before the first day of school.  Developing bus schedules and staggered drop off times at schools requires more planning than usual. 


Orientations Visits:  Each school has staff available to provide families with an in-person orientation visit.  These are not required, they are being provided an option upon request.  Please contact the school office this week to schedule an appointment.   

Informational Session with Hillsdale Hospital: Hillsdale Hospital hosted a Facebook Live session today focused on the upcoming school year.  The panel of guests shared information about what steps the schools, Hillsdale Hospital, and local Health Department are taking to prepare schools for the return of students on Tuesday, September, 8th. 

  • JJ Hodshire, President & CEO, Hillsdale Hospital

  • Troy Reehl, Superintendent, Hillsdale County ISD

  • Shawn Vondra, Superintendent, Hillsdale Community Schools

  • Rebecca Burns, Health Officer, Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency

Hillsdale Hospital produces a show each week to help ensure accurate information related to COVID-19 is shared throughout our community. Today’s session was recorded and a link is provided  here.  www.facebook.com/hillsdalehospital/live

Gier Elementary School Students

The K-4 grade classes are created and teachers have been calling families to create a connection with the students.  If you have not received a phone call, it's probably because the registration card is not yet completed.  Parents may still go online and complete that process.  If you need assistance, please call the school office.  

Davis Middle School Students

5th and 6th grade class lists are created and letters were sent to families in the mail.  If you have not received a letter with this information, please contact the school office.   

7th and 8th grade class schedules will be ready by September 1st.  The fastest way to have access to student schedules is through the PowerSchool app.  Please call the school office if you need assistance with the PowerSchool access.  If you would like your student’s schedule through another format like email or paper copy please call the school office and that can be arranged. 


HHS Students 

9-12 Student Schedules - Students that will be participating in face-to-face learning at the high school can view their schedules on the morning of 9-2-20 on PowerSchool. 

Students that will be participating in online learning can view their schedules the morning of 9-7-20 on PowerSchool. Your username and password for Edgenuity will be emailed to your school email on this date as well.

HHS Chromebooks - All HHS students will be issued a district device (either a chromebook or a laptop).  Personal computers and cell phones can connect to the school’s internet with guest protocols, but this access is not sufficient for access to the learning management systems and “student only” content.  The school has established dates when parents came to the school to complete the check-out process for their student.  

*Parents: Please bring a photo ID to the school when you come to check out the devices.

Thursday, August 27, from 11 a.m. -5:30 p.m.: Exchange Day - This date is for students who currently have a device issued during the spring.  Bring the bag, charger and device to exchange for a device with updated software. 

Friday, August 28,  from 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.: First Time Check Outs - This date is for students who do not currently have a district device checked out.  

HHS Orientation Video - This is recommended for all HHS students. It will be especially helpful for Freshman and students new to the building, but the information provided is for EVERYONE. Virtual orientation will launch on our website and social media on Thursday, August 27, at 5 p.m.