Update 9.1.2020

Tuesday Update for 9-1-2020


First Day of School


The first day of school is one week away, Tuesday September 8th!  The school staff members are super excited to welcome back students next week.  It’s time to learn!   As we get back to school, the new morning routines will take some getting used to and will also take a bit more time.  Using the requested time slots for the morning drop off times will be most helpful.   We will all need a bit of patience until the strategies become familiar and get into a routine.


Thank you! 

The Hillsdale County Community Foundation saw a need for all of the schools across our county to act quickly and responsibly in the purchasing of supplies for returning to school.  HCCF responded with a proactive grant that reimburses schools for purchase of protective equipment, sanitizing solutions and health screening tools.  The program was a result of Mrs. Sharon Bisher’s participation in a county-wide collaboration with Hillsdale Hospital, the Hillsdale ISD and school districts throughout Hillsdale County.  We are so thankful for the support of the children and staff of the school.  These funds will provide families with facemasks for their children, clearing supplies to be used in the schools and on buses, and thermometers for health screenings.  Thank you HCCF and Hillsdale Hospital.   


Student Registration

The student registration process is still active on the website’s main page.  There is a pencil icon with the word “Registration” underneath.  Within this form you can register your child for either the online program at home or the in-person option at school.  Most families have completed their registration process, thank you.  If it is still on the “to do list” it's not too late, but this does need to be finished before your children can begin attending school.


Health Screenings

Health screenings are an important strategy for keeping our schools safe and open.  The school staffing plan includes personnel to conduct the screenings before students get on a bus or come into the school.  If families would prefer to conduct these screenings each day at home or prior to coming to the school/bus stop, the schools will have forms available for use with that option.  Conducting the screenings at home may help your family save time during the drop-off process.  The form is attached to this email.  Extra copies of the form are available at all schools and it will also be posted on the District’s website in the “COVID Updates” section located on the main page. (Depending on the computer’s screen settings, you may have to scroll down the page a bit.)   


Face masks

All students need to have a face mask when getting on a bus, coming into the schools, and moving around the school building during the day.  Each student will be provided two (2) reusable face masks from the school district.  The masks are navy blue with a cool looking yellow hornet logo.  Students may certainly use others as well.  In fact, having several masks allows for frequent cleaning. 


Our district has used three guiding principles for reopening our schools.

  1. Ensure the safety and wellness of students and staff.

  2. Delivery high-quality instruction to students, regardless of the delivery model.

  3. Provide flexibility and choice for instructional delivery through online and in-person options.

The face masks, social distancing, cleaning protocols, tiered bussing, staggered drop-off times and reduced class sizes and online school are strategies to achieve the goal of reopening and keeping our schools open.  This is a group effort.  It will take each person and each of our families doing our part. Thank you for the partnership.  

End of Update


Covid19 Student Health Screening Form