Update 9.29.2020

Update for 9-29-2020

On Friday, Governor Whitmer released two executive orders with updates for schools. 


Executive Order No.2020-183 - Requires all students in grades K-12 to wear face masks in classrooms starting Monday, October 5, 2020.  Previously, this requirement did not apply to students in grades K-5.  Parents with students in these grades are encouraged to discuss the changes with their children in advance of this coming Monday.   As a result of the statewide order, all K-12 students and staff will now operate under the same facemask requirements. 


Executive Order No.2020-185 - Changes the spectator limits for both indoor and outdoor gatherings, including sporting events and other school events.  Indoor meetings and events at schools can now have a group size up to 20 participants.  Indoor sporting events can now have up to 20% of the gym’s normal seating capacity.  Outdoor sporting events can now have 30% of the stadium’s normal seating capacity.  If a venue does not have fixed (permanent) seating, then the school/event organizer will calculate the total square footage of the venue and allow up to 30 people per 1,000 square foot of space.  Those in attendance must continue to implement social distancing and wear face masks at both indoor and outdoor events.   


The MHSAA is the primary governing body for middle school and high school sports across the state.  They are expected to provide implementation guidelines for schools on Wednesday (tomorrow).   The Athletic Director and the Maintenance Department have calculated the seating capacities and venue sizes for our district so that we can respond quickly to the new guidelines from MHSAA when those are released.  The Athletic Department will spread the word to the coaches, players, students, families and general public as soon as possible if those new protocols are adopted by the MHSAA. 

Below is a link to Michigan.gov website which contains links to the governor’s executive orders. 



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