Update 10.6.2020

Update for 10-6-2020

There has been a lot of action (and reaction) on the legal front within our state in the past few days.   The govenor's use of statewide executive orders has ended.  The Supreme Court's decision certainly clarified that to not be within the scope/authority of that office.   Having said that, there are other entities that retain authority status regarding operations of school systems, those include the Health Department, the Michigan Department of Education and Boards of Education.  


The school district has a COVID19 Preparedness and Response Plan that includes a requirement for students in grades 6-12, staff, and visitors to wear face masks esentially at all times other than while eating.  The plan adopted by our district does not include a requirement for K-5 students to wear masks at all times. However, face masks are now required for all students, including our elementary students ages 5 and above.  This requirement is an "across the state order" put in place by the MDHHS.  The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has the legal and binding authority to issue this order and schools are required to implement the order.  This added requirement for K-5 students is effective immediately and is in effect through October 30, 2020.  We don't know what will happen after that timeframe, I am quite sure there is much more to come and we will certainly stay tuned.   


The document is attached to this email for your informational review. 


Spectators at School Events: The same order increases the amount of spectators that schools can have at planned events.  This part of the order is also effective immediately and means that we can increase the amount of tickets for all sporting events. 


Outdoor Events:  For outdoor events, spectator attendance will become less of an issue.  The total seating capacity for Baumgarten Stadium is 2,388 (includes home and visitor bleachers), so with the 30% capacity limit we can sell 716 spectator tickets.  If there is a "big varsity football game" like homecoming or a playoff game, we could still have capacity sellouts.  The Marching Band can now perform at home football games.  

Players/Cheerleaders/Band members are not part of the ticket count for spectators, they are now participants.  


Indoor Events: The HHS gym has a total seating capacity of 1,244 seats.  With the new 20% capacity limit in place, we can sell 248 spectator tickets.  This number does not include the players, coaches, officials, and staff needed to run the event. 


Tickets will first be made available to families/guests of the participants (players, cheer squad members and band members).  The designated amount of presale tickets can be purchased by the participants at designated day each week.  Any remaining unsold tickets will be available on a first come first served basis after the presale deadline has ended. Presale tickets will also be available for away games for players and the cheer squad members.  (Our band does not normally travel to away games.)  The specific number of tickets available will fluctuate for away games because each school has a different seating capacity.  Specific ticket information for each game will be sent home with the participants, so please discuss the new increased ticket options with your student! 



End of Update