Update 11.4.2020


This week’s update is being sent on Wednesday.  The timing of this update allows us to announce the results of yesterday’s election voting for the Board of Education.   All four of the current board members volunteered to continue serving and all four were overwhelmingly supported by the community.  So thank you to everyone for supporting these people and the school system.  We are fortunate to have these dedicated and talented people involved in our schools.   

Nicole Hoffman - President

Kathy Petersen - Vice President

Rebecca Portteus - Trustee

Eric Moore - Trustee


Families are doing a great job of screening children for illness at home.  The positive COVID test results are increasing throughout our county and in the region.  If someone in the household has a pending test for COVID, we encourage the students in that home to stay home until those results are confirmed.  It is better to do this out of an abundance of caution and miss a day or two rather than have many more folks have to self-quarantine just a short time later. 


End of Update