Update 1.7.2021


All students have returned to learning this week after the Christmas Vacation.  The District is pleased to have all of our schools from preschool through high school in operation.  


Scheduling for Second Semester: The second semester begins on Monday, January 25.  In order to properly update the class sizes and master schedule course offerings the school staff needs to complete the scheduling process.  


Students Currently Learning In Person @ School - All students who are currently enrolled as “In-person Learners” will automatically continue learning at school in person for the second semester.   If a family wants to change their child from an in-person learner to become an online student for the second semester, please complete the enrollment survey form (link below) by January 11.  


Students Currently Learning Online @ Home - The second semester enrollment updates for a student to change from an online student to an in-person learner @ school were conducted in December.    


Half Days - The following dates were scheduled as a half days with in-person learning at school.  However, these will be Virtual Learning Day for all students.   Teachers will conduct lessons at the normal start time and the learning day will end at 11:00 AM for all students. 


     January 22 - Last day of 2nd Quarter

     February 12 - End of P/T Conferences

     April 1 - Last day of 3rd Quarter (last day before Spring Break)


Winter Sports Teams - Students who will be a part of winter sports teams may participate in general conditioning when it is conducted outside and while maintaining appropriate social distancing guidelines.  

The current MDHHS order expires on January 15, so the extra-curricular programs, including sports and school clubs are scheduled to resume practices and meetings after that date. 


COVID Vaccinations for Essential Workers - Hillsdale Hospital and our Local Health Department developed an action plan to provide essential workers throughout Hillsdale County, including school system employees, with access to COVID vaccines for those individuals who choose to receive a vaccine.  Hillsdale College is also a partner is this project and the Searle Center (on campus) is the clinic host site.  The District appreciates all of these partners for their efforts.  I would like to extend a special thank you to Hillsdale Hospital and our hospital's President Mr. JJ Hodshire for his continued leadership and coordination with COVID relief efforts.  We are fortunate to have a hospital in our small rural community and especially grateful for one that remains focused on the whole community of Hillsdale County. 

End of Update