Hillsdale Community Schools will be adding an additional new bus to their fleet for the 2019-2020 school year.  The Hillsdale Community Schools Transportation Department was awarded a Clean Diesel Grant from the Department of Environmental Quality for approximately $25,000.00.  The new school bus will be used throughout the school year to transport students safely to and from school and other school related events.   Our goal is to replace one new diesel bus in order to improve air quality and decrease exposure to emissions for students and the community; reduce emissions in Hillsdale County; and continue leadership in air quality improvements. 

Hillsdale Community School Transportation Department is very excited to have been selected to receive this grant funding and we look forward to working with the DEQ in the future to continue making improvements that benefit both our school and our community.  

Anyone with questions may contact Mr. Shawn Vondra, Superintendent of Hillsdale Community Schools, at 517-437-4401 or email shawn.vondra@hillsdaleschools.org.