Davis Middle School will implement its Distance Learning Program

Davis Middle School (all grades 5-8) will implement its Distance Learning Program, October 15 through October 28.  Students will not attend school in person during this time period, the teachers will implement the Distance Learning Program where students will attend school virtually at home.   

Schedule with Timelines

After-school events (including sports practices and competitions are cancelled effective @ 3:00 PM October 14-October 28. 

October 15-28 - Virtual Learning Program for all students in Grades 5-8.  Classes will utilize their Chromebooks through Google Classroom for much of their learning and assignments.  

In-person classes are scheduled to resume on Thursday, October 29th.  

Additional information updates may be needed.  Listening to the recorded messages sent through the automated calling system and reading the email updates is a great way to stay informed on these matters.   

The help and support of everyone in response to this matter is appreciated, especially the staff at the Health Department.  This information is intended to provide relevant and timely information to the students, families and staff at Davis Middle School.