2014 Osborn, Leslie


Name: Leslie Osborn

College Attending: Eastern Michigan University

Year: 4 (senior)

Major: Social Work

  1.       Social work is an amazing field to go into. It is hard to work with vulnerable people, but even more rewarding seeing the progress or changes you have helped them make in their lives. The courses in social work have taught me not just how to work with different populations of people, but teaches you a lot about your own views on the world and politics.
  2.       There are only a few general education courses you have to take before starting to take social work courses. Make sure to know your basic biology, American government, entry level math, and writing. There is a lot of writing in social work, and not a lot of tests. The rest of the courses are sculpted around social work practice such as theory, substance abuse, human trafficking, health care and housing, motivational interviewing, and child welfare.
  3.       I would have saved more money for college than I did! I did not look up many scholarships at all, and that could have really helped me with the cost of schooling.
  4.       I was in Delta Zeta my freshman and sophomore year of college, which created a lot of social networks for myself. I have had two internships thus far - Hillsdale Hospice my junior year, and 14B District Human Trafficking and Drug Recovery Court my senior year. I work at a homeless shelter (The Delonis Center) in downtown Ann Arbor as the front desk staff full-time. This job has been life changing!!!